Benefits of VCO (Part 2)

VCO has been referred to as a super food — and rightly so. VCO helps to:

Fight Infections

40-50% of VCO is lauric acid — effective in fighting many different types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Lauric acid destroys bacteria that cause dental cavities, stomach ulcers and food poisoning.

Act As Moisturizer

VCO has hydrating abilities; this makes it a useful topical moisturiser (ie, a moisturiser you apply to a part of the body). In addition to reducing skin dryness, VCO has also been shown to treat skin infections such as atopic dermatitis (a condition that makes your skin red and itchy).

Act As Sunscreen

Research has showed that VCO blocks around 20% of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can cause skin cancer, wrinkles and diseases.

Prevent Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Oil pulling is swishing a tablespoon of VCO in your mouth for 15-20 minutes then spitting it out. This traditional Ayurvedic treatment helps prevent bleeding gums and tooth decay, and strengthens the gums, teeth and jaw.

Fight Candida/Yeast Infections

VCO has antifungal properties that help fight off yeast infections. The lauric acid in VCO is converted into a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin fight against fungi and bacteria.

Support Healthy Thyroid Function

VCO ensures that the thyroid gland is working at full capacity. The thyroid produces hormones that affect the function of the majority of organs in your body.

Help With Cancer Prevention

The ketones present in VCO aid in cancer prevention and even in cancer treatment. The ketones hinder tumour growth as tumour cells are unable to access the energy in ketones.

Help AIDS Patients

The AIDS organisation, Keep Hope Alive, has documented how AIDS patients who continuously used coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut meat became almost completely well. The viral activity went significantly down.

Reduce Inflammation And Certain Symptoms

The elevated levels of antioxidants found in VCO help to reduce inflammation. VCO also reduces the effects of pancreatitis and gall bladder disease.

VCO is indeed a “drugstore in a bottle”, as Dr Dayrit says (see reference #5 below).


How can we use VCO?

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